Cascina Amalia’s wines are rooted in tradition.

Our winemaking philosophy is based on the maximisation of the characteristics of each vineyard on the estate and of each vintage, thanks to painstaking work in the vineyard and in the cellar.

The value of terroir

Our wines are the result of work in the vineyard, on the land, and are completed in the cellar, where technological innovation is applied only in careful support of tradition.

We believe that a good wine is made above all in the vineyard, paying attention to biodiversity, caring for each individual bunch of grapes and taking the right amount of time to allow full and slow ripening. All this makes it possible to translate the distinctive characteristics of the terroir into wine, minimising intervention in the cellar.

Stile produttivo - Cascina Amalia - Cantina a Monforte d'Alba

Production method

Our wines are made with medium-long maceration and ageing in large barrels and barriques.

The aim is to produce classic wines that are firmly rooted in the terroir, but with a distinct personality, conveyed by the unique characteristics of the estate-owned vineyards.

Our professional consultants are agronomist Gianpiero Romana and oenologist Piero Ballario.

Cascina Amalia - Cantina a Monforte d'Alba

Our approach has always been focused on eco-sustainability.

We try to respect and preserve the environment, our true wealth, as much as possible, respecting the rhythms of nature.

In 2019 we undertook conversion to fully organic production and have been certified organic since 2022.

The winery currently has seven hectares of organically managed vineyards.
Thanks to air-conditioned premises, with different temperatures in the different areas, we are able to guarantee the optimal evolution of our wines.

Stile produttivo - Cascina Amalia - Cantina a Monforte d'Alba