The story of a family in which passion and dedication come together to create great wines, the authentic expression of an area that is unique in the world.

The winery and its story

A love of the Langhe and an ongoing commitment to quality result in wines with outstanding personality, made with respect for the land, nature and tradition.

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Cascina Amalia - Cantina a Monforte d'Alba

The production style

Cascina Amalia’s wines are the result of work in the vineyard, on the land, and are completed in the cellar, where technological innovation is applied exclusively in careful support of tradition.

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Stile produttivo - Cascina Amalia

Cascina Amalia - Cantina a Monforte d'Alba

Conceived with the utmost respect for the local landscape and created partly underground, the winery blends perfectly into the scenery, so much so that it is almost invisible when casting a glance across the area as a whole.

Aesthetically, it is enhanced by sophisticated design, the result of the family’s know-how in the construction sector. From a functional point of view, the interior has been rationalised to brilliantly fulfil the role of a modern wine cellar.

A large, bright tasting room and a comfortable lounge for visitors, customers and professionals have also been created.

The presence of important works of art from the family collection bears witness to the Boffa family’s natural penchant for beauty.


Sala degustazione Cascina Amalia - Monforte d'Alba