Amalia wines are the product of the vineyard and the terroir and are made in a winery where technological innovation closely and respectfully supports tradition.

The winery, next to the historic farmhouse, was built from scratch with close attention paid to detail. It was designed to respect the surrounding environment and is in part underground in order to blend into the landscape.
Esthetically, it has been embellished with a refined design, all thanks to the Gigi Boffa’s know-how in the construction business.
From a more functional point of view, the inside was conceived to best host a modern winery.

A bright and spacious tasting room was also created to welcome visitors, buyers and sector professionals.

The presence of important works of art from the family’s private collection underscores their innate love of beauty. Together with works by well-known artists like Bay, Scanavino, Savelli, Lodola and Schifano, there are those of Piedmont natives like Brazzani, Allasia and Nespolo. Standing out among the ceramic works is Gilda Brosio’s elegant and refined “Algid Cactus”.